What is Jitsi  Meet?

It is a self hosted open source software used for video conferencing. Main thing to note that it is free and new updates are released every week. Jitsi has no limit as it can support upto  1000 participants. If anyone is looking for a video conferencing application  with self hosting option then Jitsi Meet is the go to one.

Why use Jitsi over Zoom  ?

It is an alternative to the traditional closed source and the paid video conferencing softwares. Among the tech geeks it is considered as a dupe for Zoom. But Zoom is now abandoned  in Candian  and US governments because of privacy issues. The problem with Zoom is it practises digital hoarding where it stores your sensitive information into their servers which are located in China.  Zoom has faced several security issues in the past and  has been hacked before. It focuses mainly on its paid version where it can support 500 participants and it costs around 20 US dollars per month. 

But with Jitsi there is no limit for the duration of your web conference which makes it the most preferable one to host large conferences. One of the benefits of using Jitsi is that you don’t have to create an account to join the meeting. All you need to do is to visit their website (Jitsi) and join the meeting or even create a meeting.  Another key feature of Jitsi is “ you can mute all participants through a webinar and you can also kick out the participants if you are hosting the conference”.  In Jitsi there is an option for the participant to click a button which grabs the attention of the speaker.  With Jitsi you can stream the whole video to the Youtube Live stream and you can record the entire session which is by far not implemented in Zoom.

Hostwire is here to help you

Team Hostwire helps you to self-host the Jitsi app on your server. We do the entire installation and also customize the application as per your business needs. We have done this before for many of our clients who wanted an in house setup of this application for their business.

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