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Reasons why we should stop using Shopify

  1. Free alternative

Shopify users would have known by now that it does not come for free. It has monthly plans starting from $29. A super alternative for that is WooCommerce. All you need to do is to create a WordPress website and WooCommerce is a free plugin which comes with your WordPress website. All you need to pay is little bucks for hosting, which is comparatively less when compared to the amount you spend on Shopify. Plus you get a lot of features with WooCommerce. 


2. Biased Youtubers 

Youtubers or Bloggers recommend Shopify to their followers only because they get an affiliate commission. So when you click through the link provided in description, what happens is they get back the money you paid for the first two months. So these Youtubers do this intentionally even though WooCommerce is a better option, so that they get their Affiliate commission.


3. Limitations

  • When a vendor is using Shopify Payments with  PayPal, they won’t be charged a transaction fee on payments made through PayPal. But if you didn’t use Shopify Payments in conjunction with PayPal, you would be charged 1% transaction fee.
  • We can group the products as categories and then display as a Category, but you cannot create a Category.
  • It does not have a mobile optimised version
  • Its difficult to get refunds
  • Less Premium support is provided
  • Very very less customization available which makes it a big no when it comes to big customers.

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