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Pi has reduced its mining rate on reaching 10 million Pioneers.

Pi has crossed 10 million Pioneer users. Not many crypto companies haven’t achieved this milestone at a quick rate like Pi. This 10 million does not count any bot accounts , so we presume that there are still more Pi accounts left which are not legitimate. People who downloaded the app and completed 3 sessions are considered as 1 Pioneer by Pi Team. As per the latest news, the mining rate will be half for each user when they start their mining session. Also Pi has set a road map for their third phase which is Mainnet. To those who don’t know what is Mainnet, it is simply the main network, whereby actual transactions take place on a distributed ledger. The reason why Pi team took this decision to reduce their mining rate is to prevent the future scarcity of Pi coins. In simple terms, more the no of users at high mining rate hence more will be the demand for Pi. They are now predicting their next milestone to reach 100 million Pioneers. As for now there is no value for Pi in the market, but the word around the crypto world is that Pi is set to make a huge money when it hits the market.

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