When it comes to content management systems, WordPress tops the list by contributing 35 percent of the world’s websites. The only reason why clients choose wordpress is due to its extended functionality, inbuilt modules and functionalities. Trends to come and go quick from time to time. In this industry, the audience taste and change in technology affects the todays trend. So it is very important to keep an eye on the upcoming trends and as well keep the client preference in mind while designing a website. Let’s take a look at the latest trend in WordPress.


1. Chatbots

According to a statistics by Invesp “ 40 percnet of the people don’t care whether it’s human or a bot, unless they are getting the help they need”. They also predict that very soon 80 percent of all the online chat support will be taken over by chat bots. So it is high time, we integrate chat bots with our wordpress website. We expect that these chatbots will be able to handle complex conversations and solve more complicated problems and queries.


2. Motion UI

With Motion UI, we can provide the audience with more user engagement. We can add animated elements and transitions in the website. We can also make appropriate call for action with motion UI. We can display FAQ cards below the product. This helps the users answer their questions in a more interactive way.


3. Video backgrounds

Video backgrounds are a big hit of this year. Audience might scroll down a static image, but with a video background there are more chances that they will watch. So you can use a video background to highlight the product features and also at the same time enhance your UI experience.


4. Voice activated websites

What if there is an option like Alexa or Google Home in your website, cool right!. The user doesn’t have to type the product each time when he wants to buy or search. Instead he could just say the product name and product will pop up. This saves a lot of time and manual effort. So next time when you build a website, try incorporating the voice search feature. More and more businesses are adding this feature. The sooner the better.


5. Multi-purpose themes

Multi-purpose themes are replacing niche themes slowly. The reasons why you need to move to multi-purpose themes is because they have scalable functions, customization freedom and eCommerce features. It helps to improve the SEO of your website. These multi-purpose themes covers top functions from E-commerce , membership sites, Multi-vendor etc.


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