Microsoft has released the new updated version of .NET framework 4.8 with some new functionalities and also overcoming the existing challenges faced by the developers community.  Let’s have a look at the updates:



1. Reduced FIPS impact on Cryptography

Before the cryptographic provider classes  like SHA256Managed   throws an exception error when the system cryptographic libraries are configured in FIPS mode. These issues are generally faced in the production systems.Instead these classes redirect to a system cryptography library.  Now the following cryptography classes no longer throws exception :


  • MD5CNG
  • MD5CryptoServiceProvider
  • RC2CryptoServiceProvider
  • RijndaelManaged
  • RIPEMD160Managed
  • SHA256Managed



2. Updated version of ZLib

The .NET framework 4.8 clrcompression.dll is updated to ZLib Version 1.2.11 which includes several bug fixes and components.



3. Windows Communication Foundation (WCF)

Health endpoints have been introduced for orchestration tools to manage services based on their health status. Health checks can be performed by monitoring tools to track and provide notifications about the availability and performance of a service.  ServiceHealthBehaviour is a WCF  service that is an extended functionality of IServiceBehaviour which is a new update.



4. High DPI Enhancements:

.NET 4.8 adds support for Pre-Monitor V2 DPI Awareness and Mixed-Mode DPI scaling. Microsoft has improved the support for hosted HWNDs and Windows Forms interoperation in High-DPI  WPF applications 



5.Changes in CLR:

  • Improvements to JIT compiler 2.1 such as optimizations and bug fixes
  • Improved memory management for NGEN images.
  • Anti-malware scanning for all assemblies which implement the AMSI.
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