What is Pi Network?

Pi is a digital crypto currency. The Pi Network has been designed in such a way that you can only join through an invitation code.The app was claimed to be built by some Stanford professors. It aims to allow any person with a phone to gain access to cryptocurrency.

So why the Pi network?

Your traditional crypto currency allows you to mine by setting up a powerful hardware resource. Hence it draws more current and the bill goes high. So the majority of the users are from countries whose electricity bill is of low cost. Only  a targeted group of users mine crypto currency as for now until the evolution of Pi. Since with Pi you can download and set up the app in your phone, laptop and tablets. The Pi has no impact on your battery and you don’t have to invest on hardware.

Is Pi Network legit or a scam?

The answer is pretty simple. You don’t have to spend any money on Pi. But here is the catch, how come something comes for free!! Pi is  a new cryptocurrency which was launched in the market last year.  As for the current record, you cannot trade the currency for money and have “no value” . There is no confirmation as for an exact date for when Pi coins will become tradeable and for what value will it be estimated in the market. Currently there are 7 million users.


You can download the app and signup using your phone number , facebook account or google account.  You can use the invitation code from other users to get the app. All you need to do is to push the button to mine the coin every day. The more users you invite, faster you can mine the Pi coins. To sum up there is nothing to lose with Pi. It might be listed in exchange or not but “it’s not a scam”

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