Decentralized Application Development

Loyal Audience

All over the world business prefers Decentralized applications. Take for eg organizations like Brave, Chainlink, EOS Dynasty, Cipher and Tracedonate are using a decentralized business model.

Data Security

In Dapps , hackers do not have a single point of entry nor can they access entire repositories of data in the event that they do get in. Recently Nasa decideed to implement blockchain to enhance their security.


What if an application is run on 1000 servers globally and that can be controlled by a software to meet a specific business need. Then the speed of response will be tremendous and there will be no room for faulty issues.

Dapps Development using Ethereum and Blockchain


Here blockchain acts as a OS for peer-to-peer transactions hence creating a resilent and secured ecosystem. This is the main reason why our clients prefer Dapps with blockchain technology


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When it comes to Hostwire, there is no space for customer dissatisfaction or errors. We work around the clock  to ensure we deliver on time.

Our Experts

Our Team of developers are the forerunners in  this field.  We clearly understand your  business problems and design your custom made software.

Open Source

When you open source your Dapps, the internet becomes your common denominator.  Generally users prefer open source competitiors. 

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